Prepare to Decorate

Christmas 2020 is on its way, and its certain to be a more subdued season than usual. There may be sadness, but there’ll also be comfort in the old traditions, and decorating your home is one of those traditions.

Spike Island

Weird, wonderful, legendary and perfectly suited for Lanzarote’s climate, aloe and agave plants may be prickly customers, but they’re also fascinating, addictive plants to welcome into your life.

Pretty Patterns

Patterns appeal to our most basic human instincts, pleasing us with repeated motifs, ingenious geometry and a more ordered version of nature. In your Lanzarote home, bold geometric patterns can reflect the vibrancy of Manrique while softer, more intricate patterns offer welcome contrast from the stark landscape outdoors.

You can make a change

Lanzarote Vet Jane Burke falls for two little hooligans and praises the selfless people who give their time, effort, passion and hard-earned money to animal charities on Lanzarote.

Witching Hour

Halloween offers the opportunity to dress up a bit and let out your inner demon, but even in Spain and Lanzarote, spooky, striking looks have increasingly become more mainstream, and can be worn all year round.

Love and loss

This month Lanzarote vet Jane Burke offers a deeply-moving personal recollection of the loss of beloved animal companions, and reflects on how important it is to understand grief. There was plenty of drama both times my terrapin died.…

Design for living

Sir Terence Conran, who died last month, changed the way British people lived, bringing exciting modern design and continental flair into every home.

Wine Culture

Lanzarote is a wine culture, and that means so much more than what you choose to wash your dinner down with. Here's how the vine has defined the island.

Perfect Pastel

Lanzarote is an island that’s famous for bold, vivid colour; but subtlety can also shine here, and the frosted, timeless beauty of pastel shades offers eternal relief and refinement.

Nightshade Garden

If you grew up in the British countryside, you may have been warned against the Deadly Nightshade – one of the most poisonous plants in Europe, with glossy, cherry-like berries that cause delirium and convulsions. But this plant is just one species in a family of plants that has changed the world frequently – the nightshades.