Bonito Listado

The tuna you get in tins is usually skipjack tuna, known here as bonito listado. But on Lanzarote the fresh fish, line- caught locally, is available right now at incredible prices.

The Crucial Test

Lanzarote in August will be a testing ground, as British and Irish tourists finally start to return at a time when the delta variant is gaining ground throughout Europe.

A cut above the rest

Lucy Clark was trapped in a traffic jam on the M6 when the idea that changed her life arrived. Lucy had been thinking of starting up a business, but didn’t know exactly which niche to aim for. As she pondered, she looked to one side and saw an artificial grass van in the next lane.

Fresh figs

This summer’s sweet figs are now arriving in some shops, marking one of the highlights of the Canarian culinary year.

Try a little Spanish when you travel

Language coach Janet Harper offers some basic phrases for tourists arriving on the island.

Writing in Lanzarote

Crime author Harry Dunn tells us why he finds Lanzarote such an inspiring location for the writing, and shares a few tips.

Furever Homes

The SARA sanctuary here on Lanzarote cares for many abandoned cats and dogs. However, its ultimate aim is to find forever homes for all the animals. Justin Kerswell shares a few success stories of how paws met people.

Flashback – Coronavirus Reaches La Gomera

In the 2020 March edition of the Gazette we published our first piece on the Coronavirus reaching the Canaries. Little did we know that it would lead to countrywide lockdowns and travel restrictions, along with the use of masks and talks of vaccinations.

Wine Culture

Lanzarote is a wine culture, and that means so much more than what you choose to wash your dinner down with. Here's how the vine has defined the island.

3 Key Canarian Ingredients

The Canary Islands lie between three continents that have shaped their cuisine. African goats have provided milk and meat since prehistory, wile the discovery of the New World brought potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, tobacco and much more. Meanwhile, European cooking techniques and styles have always dominated.