Mince Pies

Mince pie season starts early, and it's a great idea to prepare your mincemeat early, so you can bake a batch of mincers whenever you like and enjoy them with the perfect accompaniment of a glass of chilled Lanzarote semi-sweet wine.

After the pandemic

We were all forced to stay at home for weeks during the pandemic, but two years on, how did that confinement affect the way we see our living space?

Metal masters

Lanzarote metal workers have changed the face of the island and continue to do so.

Passing the test

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When the news came in May that British residents would no longer be able to drive in Spain on a UK-issued licence, Gareth Hull went back to school.

Happy landings!

Tour guide David Penney highlights a short but exciting walk for families, dog-owners and plane spotters.

Back to school

Spain’s kids head back to school this month after the marathon ten-week summer holidays. It can be a difficult adjustment, especially for those facing new schools, but here are a few ways to make it go as smoothly as possible.

The trip to La Graciosa

The trip to La Graciosa is a great day out for families and solo travellers looking for a quiet break that’s just a 25 minute boat trip away. Here’s how to get there:

Teguise Landmarks

As Lanzarote’s ancient capital and first ever town, it’s not surprising you’ll find more heritage here than anywhere else. Teguise’s sleepy, whitewashed streets hide a turbulent history of grandeur and poverty.

The town of Teguise

Locals still call Teguise “La Villa”. The pretty white town on the hill may have stopped being the capital of Lanzarote in 1847, but it has never stopped being “The Town”

The campaign for 180 days

Lanzarote property-owner Brian Knibb writes about the struggle of “swallows” to get a fair deal following a Brexit agreement that has limited the rights of every British citizen.