November 2015

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Over the last few months I’ve managed to tick off quite a lot of my Lanzarote wishlist. I’ve ventured into the desert area near Soo and spotted two of the island’s most elusive birds – the huge Hubara bustard and the tiny, delicate cream-coloured courser; I’ve watched Egyptian vultures soaring near Maguéz and I’ve swum alongside a huge butterfly ray. But last month I fulfilled one of my longest-held ambitions when I met a turtle while snorkelling off Playa Blanca. This remarkable creature seemed to be flying underwater as it finned gracefully over the rocks before finally settling on a patch of sand, and watching me cautiously while I dived down to take a closer look. I haven’t shut up about it since. The longer you live on this island, the more you appreciate the nature that surrounds us. When I first arrived I thought this was a barren, dry place with hardly any wildlife at all. Now, when I go into the country I see lizards, partridges, kestrels and shrikes all the time, and the ocean never fails to offer surprises and new sights.


And the amazing news of an immense water supply under the volcanoes (page 5) shows that there are still plenty of discoveries to be made. Lanzarote will always reward the curious, and even though its a small island there is always something new to experience – and it’s never too far away. This summer will see hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive on our island. A lot of them, sadly, will rarely venture out of their all-inclusive hotels, but those that do will find an island that contains so much more than you find in the tourist brochures. And it’s not just nature – summer sees an explosion of cultural events, and an island that is doing what it does best – giving tourists what they didn’t know they wanted. The best holidays always contain welcome surprises and new discoveries, and the happiest holiday makers are those who have unforgettable experiences. Lanzarote is out there for you to discover – don’t miss the opportunity…

The Editor

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