November 2015

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Immerse yourself

After a swim last month it suddenly occurred to me: I didn’t want to get out of the water. It was perfect, so warm you could stay in all day and yet delightfully cool at the same time; the horizon stretched away endlessly in front of me and friendly little fish swam around me, begging me to stay.

Up on the beach my clothes and towel waited, along with gravity, scorching heat and the rest of a day which included cleaning the oven and filling in some boring forms. Far easier to just stay in the sea forever – my family and friends could come and wave at me from the shore whenever they want. Who needs to go back to life, back to reality?

Plenty of people will be having similar feelings this month, as September brings the end of the holidays, a new school year and a return to the daily grind for many of us. Yet on Lanzarote, this happens during one of the most sheerly pleasurable months of the year, a time when the island calls out for you to enjoy everything it has to offer.


This is the time when the winds are at their lightest, the
evenings are mellow and the sea is warmer than at any
other time. It’s also Lanzarote’s most culturally
important month, as half the island dresses up in
traditional costume and hikes cheerfully up to Mancha
Blanca for the annual Romeria de los Dolores.

There’s plenty going on elsewhere, too, as the Ironman
70.3 takes place, concerts are held all over the island
and the month ends with a mad aquatic dash across
the Rio to La Graciosa. I’ll be among those swimmers
this year, and I can’t wait.

So even if it’s back to the daily routine for many of us,
don’t forget that there’s still the chance to make the
most of whatever time you get free. Jump right in and
immerse yourself.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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