November 2015

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Forbidden Pleasures

I’ve swum into the wreck of the Telamón – the ship that ran aground near Costa Teguise 35 years ago – quite a few times, and its an incredible experience, with sunlight pouring through the ruined deck above and immense beams and chunks of machinery submerged below. It’s also a little frightening – the sheer immensity of the wreck is daunting and you know that the whole thing will collapse one day. It’s also worrying to see kids clambering up the rusting hulk and hurling themselves into the sea from several metres. So I fully understand the reasons why diving and swimming around the wreck have been suddenly banned by the Port Authority.

However, there are several perfectly responsible diving groups that use the wreck who will now face fines if they continue to do so. Surely they could be granted special licences to continue? This is just one of a series of recent prohibitions on the island.


Barbecues have been banned at Playa Bastián, one of the few resort beaches where they were permitted, and a sign has gone up at Punta Mujeres banning balls from the Punta del Burro. Then, of course, there’s the controversial decision of Teguise Ayuntamiento to issue fines for “public nudity.” Lanzarote’s still an island with a lot of freedom. The local authorities tend not to publicise certain risky caves and volcanoes rather than fencing them off, and so far there have been no moves to fine bathers in red flag zones, as happens elsewhere in Spain. Bans are usually introduced for perfectly good safety or environmental reasons. But it seems high-handed and authoritarian to issue them without consulting the public and interested parties first. I’m sure this is not the sort of relationship that most island councils want to have with their citizens.

October is one of Lanzarote’s most wonderful months, when we squeeze out the last dregs of the summer before the clocks go back. Let’s all enjoy it in our own way, and hope that we don´t suddenly come across a big ugly sign telling us we can´t do it anymore.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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