November 2015

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We all need a holiday

Well, no one’s ever going to claim that 2016 was one of those years where hardly anything ever happened. At times it’s seemed as if events were coming so thick and fast that nothing would surprise you -and then it did. Prime Ministers tumbling, bombs falling, musicians and celebrities dying and shock results in elections and referendums.

As the year comes to an end, a lot of us will be glad to see the back of it. Others, including every Leicester City fan and every Olympic gold medallist, will never forget it for the rest of their lives. But for better or worse, it’s nearly past now, and many of us will take advantage of the Christmas holidays to find a bit of peace, quiet and reflection with friends and family. Here on Lanzarote that’s what Christmas is all about. It’s not flashy, loud or ostentatious – it’s a humble celebration that rolls around marking the turn of each year, and it’s a genuine holiday offering weeks of activities, culture and tradition.


I witnessed one of those traditions last month when I attended a rehearsal by the Rancho de Pascua de Teguise (see page 20). You won´t find a more welcoming bunch anywhere on the island, and they were genuinely passionate about the ancient music and dances that they perform. It was a thrilling experience, and one that I felt privileged to witness.

Christmas wouldn´t be Christmas without a story that brings happiness and perhaps a tear or two, either, and we’ve found an amazing one for you this month. It’s always a pleasure to talk to Juan Brito, who will celebrate his 97th year on the 10th of this month, but the story that this courteous and sharp-minded gentleman brought to a conclusion in October is genuinely moving. Read about the kiss that took 77 years to arrive on page 12.

There’s plenty more for you to read this month, so I’ll let you get on with it. Just let me just take this final opportunity to wish all our readers, our clients, our contributors and everyone who has helped us over the past year a rewarding and peaceful Christmas holiday and a New Year that’s full of hope and opportunity.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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