November 2015

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Sun worshippers

In a few weeks, Lanzarote will be packed with families enjoying their summer holidays. There’ll be kids paddling, making sandcastles and exploring rock pools; and teenagers swimming, chucking frisbees and checking the local talent out. And while all this fun is going on, what will most of the adults be doing? Sunbathing. Why do people bother with sunbathing? First you have to spend ten minutes greasing yourself up like a Christmas turkey, then you just lie there, doing nothing, like a sausage on a grill. You can´t read a book because you’ll end up with a book-shaped white patch on your face or chest. You can’t do anything apart from turn yourself over once one side’s cooked and then put more grease on. Each to their own, I suppose, but if you do get tired of looking at the back of your own eyelids on a sun lounger, you can be sure that there are plenty of other things to do on Lanzarote this summer. June is the month when fiesta season starts, and for months there’ll be parades, concerts, parties and special events in the towns and villages all over the island.


Tourist season will soon reach its peak and there’ll be genuinely exciting buzz in the resorts as thousands of holiday makers make the most of their time here. There are theme parks to visit, waterparks where you can get wet and wild, volcanoes to visit… Lanzarote also offers incredible sporting opportunities. You can learn to surf, take a fishing trip, play a round of golf, get out on a tennis court, cycle wherever you like, explore the sea over and under the waves, and much, much more. Events like this month’s Wine Run or the Sonidos Liquidos festival show how Lanzarote offers much more than sand and sea, offering a chance to enjoy the unique beauty of the island’s wine-growing region, as well as great music, fantastic food and, most of all, the welcoming atmosphere that the island has become famous for. And even at the height of high season it’s possible to find solitude, peace and beauty – a deserted beach at dawn, a spectacular sunset view, a walk through lava fields or a visit to charming rural villages. It’s your holiday, and while you’re here it’s your island. Be sure to make the most of it.

The Editor

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