November 2015

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Plain Sailing

The day after I interviewed Susie Goodall (pg 30) she set sail across the Atlantic, alone, and I couldn´t get her out of my mind. Storms and high seas battered Lanzarote shortly afterwards, and it was wild enough on land, let alone a thousand miles out to sea. Susie’s tiny, and her boat Ariadne is about the length of two cars parked end-to-end, and its difficult to imagine the solitude that she might be feeling out there on the immense Atlantic, but happily, at the time of writing she’s still flying along towards Antigua. And the amazing thing is that this voyage is just a practice run for next year’s round-the-world Golden Globe race. If you have half an hour spare, I’d recommend going online and reading about the 1968 Golden Globe Race. It’s an incredible story of courage, desperation, suicide and glory, and Susie Goodall is, so far, the only woman who has signed up to repeat the 50th anniversary race next year.


Names like Naomi James, Emma Richards, Dee Caffari and Ellen MacArthur have already shown the world that women can handle a boat every bit as well as men, but a round-the-world race is still an awesome challenge, no matter what gender you are. Women will make plenty of news this March, as International Women’s Day falls on March 8th, surely to be accompanied by plenty of protests against that bloke in the White House. Meanwhile, Britain’s second female Prime Minister is set to fire the Brexit starting pistol. The course of Brexit negotiations will be eagerly watched by British expats on Lanzarote, and we will keep you posted as it unfolds, both in print and online, but for now there´s plenty of opportunity to forget about the news and get out on the streets for a month of carnival parades throughout the island. Then there’s the St Patrick’s Day celebrations and plenty of other events taking place the length and breadth of Lanzarote. March is gearing up to be quite a month, so I wouldn´t set sail just yet if I were you.

The Editor

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