November 2015

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Falling in love again

When my brother moved to the Lake District years ago he couldn’t wait to get up a few mountains or discover some beauty spots, and was fairly surprised to learn that his new workmates rarely did any such thing. Now, he hasn´t climbed a pike or hiked round a mere for ages. When you live somewhere there’s always the risk that you’ll start taking it for granted. Last month I walked a couple of kilometres north from El Golfo to the wild and beautiful Playa del Paso and was reminded how long it had been since I’d seen the sight of waves exploding spectacularly against black volcanic shorelines. My experience of the waves wasn’t just visual. A few seconds after I admired a massive roller thundering in from the highest cliff top, it sent up a spume of seawater that drenched me from head to foot. After wringing a few pints of water out of my sweatshirt, I made my bedraggled way back to the car, passing several well-kitted out walkers with their trekking poles who never seem to end up in situations like this.


Still, it was a lot more fun than assembling IKEA furniture, which is what I seem to spend a lot of weekends doing, and I’ve promised myself to get out and about even more often – especially at this time of year, when Lanzarote is at its greenest, freshest and most appealing. One of the things I like about this island is that it doesn´t make things too easy. The clifftop walk I took was rough, rugged and basic, but the advantage of this is that you feel like you’ve earned the view of the beach and the seafood lunch at the end of it. There are millions of tourists who have never discovered some of the most beautiful parts of this island, but the reason they are the most beautiful parts of the island is precisely because millions of tourists haven´t discovered them.
So if you’re a visitor, be assured that on Lanzarote it always pays to explore and look a little further afield; and if you live here, remember that it’s never too late to rediscover the island you fell in love with all that time ago.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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