November 2015

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The only way is up

2016 will surely be remembered as the most magical year ever – a year when dreams came true, when joy and happiness reigned, and a date which old men will proudly tell their grandchildren about for decades to come. But I would say that – I’m a Leicester fan. Apparently not everyone agrees with me, and plenty of them don´t even come from North London. But if I put my Jamie Vardy autobiography down for a moment and think, I have to admit they might have a point.

The Brexit vote came as a real shock – the most important political event Britain has experienced for decades, and one that will have real and concrete effects on every British ex-pat living on Lanzarote. Those effects might not be as bad as we fear, but there will be change, and there will be uncertainty for some time to come.


Elsewhere the world seemed to be consumed by violence, desperation and hatred, with shocking terrorist acts, mass drownings in the Mediterranean, the carnage of Syria and many more horrors. And just when you thought you couldn´t be surprised any more, the USA voted a vain, dishonest reality TV star into the White House. Then there were the deaths of genuinely inspiring celebrities, from Muhammed Ali to Victoria Wood. Most went far too early, all will be missed. Much sadder still was the passing of people closer to us, faces and voices that live on in our minds, fragments of our own lives forever lost and always remembered.

And so now we face a New Year where things seem much more complicated and unstable than they did just a year ago. And the only way to tackle it is with hope, resolve and enthusiasm. Fortunately we’re on an island that inspires optimism every day, a place gifted with sunshine, startling beauty, fascinating culture and, above all, people from all walks of life, visitors, residents and locals, who are all determined to make the best of their time here. So bring it on! Here at Gazette Life we would like to wish all of you an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling 2017.

The Editor

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